Discover an exceptional outback coastal experience at Warroora Station. Immerse yourself in a personalised and truly unique getaway. Our accommodations and campground at the Homestead provide an exceptional retreat.


Q: What are your Reception hours? A: Our Reception operates from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

Q: Are powered campsites available? A: Unfortunately, we do not provide powered campsites or access to electricity within our campground at Warroora Station. However, we do offer facilities such as toilets and showers, sourced from our artesian bore. For guests requiring power, you are welcome to bring your own generators, and we have a designated area within the campground for their use.

Q: Is generator usage permitted? A: Generators are permissible within specified zones at our campground, strictly between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

Q: Do I need to make a campsite reservation? A: We strongly recommend booking a campsite online, especially during peak and holiday periods. Our campground is designed to accommodate various types of setups. To secure your spot, please visit

Q: Can we still camp on the beach? A: The management of the coastline shas been entrusted to National Parks. For more information, please contact directly DBCA Exmouth at 08 9947 8013 or, or visit

Q: Is food and water available for purchase? A: At our Homestead, a small SHOP is accessible, offering firewood, ice, bait, ice-creams, bottled water, and soft drinks.

Q: Can I make payments via Credit Card or EFTPOS? A: Certainly, an EFTPOS machine is conveniently available at the Homestead office for your transactions (fees apply).

Q: Is a 4WD necessary for Warroora travel? A: Almost all coastal access routes require a 4WD. While the Homestead can be accessed by 2WD vehicles under favourable road conditions (not wet), proper tire deflation on sandy tracks is crucial. Maintain a speed of under 40kph to protect wildlife and tracks.

Q: Can we engage in sandboarding on the dunes? A: Sandboarding on the dunes is PROHIBITED due to their delicate nature and mobility.

Q: Are motorbikes or ATV bikes allowed? A: To preserve the fragile environment and protect nesting turtles, motorbikes are strictly PROHIBITED at Warroora. Please refrain from bringing them onto the property.

Q: Can we bring our DOG? A: Leashed dogs are permitted and the owner's responsibility. Note that the property has been baited for predator control. Pets are not allowed inside accommodations, except for the ENCLOSED VERANDA in Dudley Hill Ocean View Villa, the Homestead, and Cottage (with a deposit).

Q: Are CAMPFIRES allowed? A: Campfires are permissible with wood purchased at the Warroora office. DO NOT COLLECT wood from the property. Prior to lighting a fire, ensure you check fire conditions and exercise responsible fire management.

Q: Is BOATING in a small dinghy safe? A: Small dinghy usage is safe under appropriate weather conditions. Practice caution due to changing ocean conditions and strong currents along the Ningaloo Reef coastline. Equipping yourself with safety gear and informing others of your plans is essential.

Q: Can we engage in hunting activities? A: NO FIREARMS or HUNTING are allowed on the property.