Can we camp anywhere we like along the coast?

No, No Entry & No Camping signs mean just that. Sustainable camping sites are marked with a white numbered sign on top of a mulga pole. Likewise Tracks Closed - Rehabilitation Areas etc. must be respected please. When you see a Road Closed sign it means if you ignore it you may become bogged, and there will be a charge to free your vehicle.
No driving on vegetation. No vehicles are permitted on any beach with the exception of the 14 Mile Beach camp sites.

Do you sell any food or water?

We have a small shop at the Homestead providing fire wood, ice, bait, ice-creams, coffee & and soft drinks. 

Can I pay with Credit Card or EFTPOS?

EFTPOS machine is available at the Homestead office but 14 Mile has no credit card facilities CASH ONLY. 

Can we come to Warroora without a Chemical Toilet?

No, unless you are staying at the accommodation provided at the Homestead. Visitors asking for overnight access will have to be refused if they do not have a chemical toilet. We have a limited supply to hire at both the 14 Mile and our Office. Day visitors do not require a chemical toilet.

Do you need a 4WD to travel on Warroora?

99% of the coastal access requires a 4WD. Under good road conditions (not wet) 2WD vehicles can access the 14 Mile Beach and the Homestead. Remember to let your tires down on the sandy tracks. Remember always to travel very slowly to avoid damaging the tracks. We ask that you never travel over 40kph on the tracks - there is just too much wildlife around which is at risk, plus for your own safety you need to proceed very slowly.

Can we sand board on the dunes?

No, the dunes are very mobile and MUST NOT be disturbed.

Can we bring our motorbike/ATV bike?

No, to ensure the sustainability of this fragile landscape and the good health of nesting turtles on the beaches, Warroora DOES NOT allow motorbikes. If you arrive with a motorbike you will be asked to leave it at the Homestead.

Can we bring our dog?

All dogs accompanying visitors MUST BE kept on a leash and are the full responsibility of the owners. Remember the property has been baited to control foxes, cats and wild dogs. If your dog takes a bait then it is your own responsibility. Any animal found interfering with stock will be destroyed. 

Can we have a campfire?

Campfires are permitted from May thru October only (please respect fire ban). All wood must be brought in or purchased at the 14 Mile or Warroora office, DO NOT TAKE WOOD off the property, NONE is to be collected on Warroora. Please bring a fire pit if you intend having a campfire to ensure no ash goes on our beautiful white beaches. All campfires must be extinguished before being left unattended. Campfire debris must be disposed of at the rubbish pits. 

How many fish can we catch?

Ideally we would like visitors to take no more than 2 fish per day to ensure the sustainability of this wonderful resource. We have a possession limit of 5kg. Catch a fresh fish each day, no need to freeze, there is no comparison to the taste.

Is it safe to go out in a small dinghy?

Yes, if the weather conditions are suitable many visitors enjoy recreating in dinghies. Warroora is not suitable for launching of large vessels, it must be remembered however, at all times to respect the ocean, there are powerful currents and conditions change very quickly. Never go out along the Ningaloo Reef coastline without all the necessary safety equipment, nor without letting someone know when you are due back.

Can we go hunting on Warroora?

No firearms are permitted on the property.